“Putting People First”: Arthur Butler’s Rule in Doing Business

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 27, 2020 / Success is like a shining light — a beacon to guide your direction ahead, or a glare that blinds you to your surroundings. While a number of notable and renowned people are more likely to take the former path, there are few outliers who take the road less traveled. Up-and-coming entrepreneur Arthur Butler is this generation’s new breed of young CEOs who take compassion in their businesses by putting people’s needs first.

He has worn so many hats in the past five years to be the success that he is now. His proudest venture yet is his innovative vitamin supplement brand, Hello August Rush. With the world suffering from the pandemic brought about by the COVID-19, it is a welcome contribution to the majority of the population seeking a more natural and proven remedy available in the market. Arthur Butler has made all these, along with several other unnamed enterprises, throughout his six-year career.

Arthur is of African-American origin. He was raised in Nashville, Tennessee, after being born in 1982 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Currently, Arthur follows the Christian faith. He also earned a college degree in Bachelor of Science. Arthur also sees himself as an innovative thinker and visionary. These are the traits he carried when he started his career in business. But knowing about the people’s needs is what sets his path differently.

Arthur Butler is an African-American entrepreneur, athlete, and managing partner of Commerical Finance. In the latter of 2017, he has also started his real estate business with his relocation firm. This project is what Arthur considers a vital part of the real estate industry. His relocation firm is one of his first project that shows how he prioritizes other people’s needs in his ventures.

Hello August Rush is just another living testament to Arthur’s desire to help others. With a vitamin sure to boost everyone’s immune system and make one’s overall health better, Arthur Butler proves that creating a positive impact on other peoples’ lives is his goal. And he does this thanks to his early appreciation for inventiveness, something he found both in himself and others. He honed and made productive use of this curiosity by turning a childhood interest into a profit-making enterprise that also makes other people’s situation better.

Arthur is also a big believer in going the extra mile, whether in business or on the field. In a time where ingenuity is a requirement to stand out, being more particular of one’s clients’ needs is a must. Aside from being a person who is ever willing to take measured risks, he also does business with integrity, passion, and transparency. Arthur is one of the younger CEOs we wish to see more take the lead in our world’s marketplace.

Please get to know Arthur Butler on Instagram through his handle: https://www.instagram.com/abutleriv/.

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