“Anonymous” Group’s New System Becomes #1 Performing Auto-Trader

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / APRIL 18, 2020 / A recent survey of 7,680 online traders globally revealed that the automating trading functionality in a system released by the “Anonymous” group drastically outperformed the average returns achieved by investors.

Members of the “Anonymous” collective have recently announced their latest project called Anon System. Its users benefit from AI-optimized automated investment decisions leveraging an ultra-high-speed internet connection to the stock market and cryptocurrency price servers.

There are many platforms online allowing investors to trade cryptocurrencies. However, the survey found that over 87% of profitable investors in 2020 using auto-trading functionality use Anon System.

The system was developed in conjunction with Machine Learning and its servers are placed geographically close to major exchanges with ultra-speed internet connection. This means that the system is able to see the price changes minutes before they can be seen publicly on exchange websites. This allows the system to make trades profitably in anticipation of the price changes.

Anon System does with cryptocurrency exchanges what High-Frequency Trading does with the regular stock exchanges. By using powerful computing algorithms and ultra-speed internet, it is able to make a large number of transactions in fractions of a second generating its user a substantial profit with virtually no risk. All of this is performed at the click of a one button in Anon System.

Currently, the system is available for free for a limited number of users to prevent server overload and to ensure maximum returns. After registration, the system connects with one of the fully licensed and regulated brokers available. A demo account is available for anyone who registers, and it comes loaded with $1,000. Anon system automatically synchronizes with the regulated brokers once a small minimum deposit of $250 is made.

The deposit and withdrawal process is straightforward and can be performed using any major bank or credit card issuer. The regulated brokers occasionally have service agents available through calls allowing for ease of investment.

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