Victoria’s Secret Model, Adrianne White is on a Mission to Save Sea Life by Raising Awareness about Ocean Plastic Pollution

Model, actress and musician, Adrianne White is now actively campaigning to save sea life. She is working with notable organizations to raise a voice against plastic waste in the oceans.

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 20, 2020 / With a diverse modeling career and prominent acting roles, Adrianne White is also a budding musician with a mission to create a positive change in the world with her influence. She is now actively working with the Plastic Pollution Coalition to raise awareness about plastic waste in the oceans and take a stand to save precious sea life that is under immense threat due to millions of tons of harmful plastics in the oceans currently.

Plastic Pollution Coalition is a group of dynamic people and organizations who work together with a shared mission to put a stop to alarming and increasing amounts of plastic waste produced annually across the globe. Adrianne is actively participating in many incentives with the organization, while also using her own time and platform to reach out to people and educate them on how they can contribute towards a better tomorrow. Furthermore, she is also proactively taking part in beach cleanups and nudging her followers to do the same.

“Being a public personality with more than 100k social media followers, it is my duty to raise awareness about important causes and make an impact. I am affiliated with the Plastic Pollution Coalition because I care about our planet and all the creatures that call it home. Now is the time to make a change,” stated Adrianne in a press statement regarding her advocacy to end plastic pollution.

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