PROSALE Offers Online Estate Sale Solution to Combat Social Distancing Impact

ATHENS, GA / ACCESSWIRE / March 23rd, 2020 / Estate sales are becoming more sophisticated as technology becomes readily available and entrepreneurs turn the trade into big business. Many companies use third-party solutions to advertise their sales. Here, customers can preview a list of the sale items with future availability. The goal in mind is to grow excitement about the upcoming in-home estate sale to drive foot traffic to the house. However, the socio-economic impacts of the latest version of the Coronavirus are changing all of that.

Many avid estate sale shoppers are sheltering in their homes, which leaves estate sale companies desperate to find a solution to keep their businesses moving forward. “Estate sale companies need an easy solution that will allow them to sell in a way that meets the needs of their customers,” says Allen Revak, a PROSALE spokesman. “We have seen an influx of phone calls from estate sale companies signing up for our estate sale management software because we are able to offer online shopping and e-commerce solutions as a standard feature.” PROSALE makes the online estate sale easy.

Some companies have turned to the personal shopper model with streaming video to drive sales. This requires significantly more labor and it is expensive to deliver purchased goods to the buyer’s doorstep. Additionally, managing and scheduling these expensive deliveries is challenging. Selling entire estates in this fashion is expensive, time-consuming, and cost-prohibitive. Others have tried to ignore the reality that is shaking the estate sale industry right now, but it is getting to a point that the news just cannot be ignored.

So what should companies do? It’s simple, move their business to an online estate sale model with PROSALE, the most advanced estate sale software in the industry.

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