Kelsie Biotech Call for COVID-19 Vaccine Partnership

The Company’s Patented CAN-BD Technology Eliminates Needles, Water, Refrigeration

BOULDER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / March 19, 2020 / The people of Kelsie Biotech are committed to making the delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) more effective, safer, and less invasive. With the race for a COVID-19 vaccine, Kelsie Biotech seeks to partner with Biotechnology or Pharmaceutical companies to co-develop a dry vaccine and/or treatment which needs no needles, no reconstitution in liquid, or refrigeration.

KelSie’s patented micro-powder was first developed thanks to a $20M FNIH grant provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to revolutionize measles vaccine delivery. The recipient of that grant, Dr. Robert Sievers and his multi-disciplinary research team, developed a replacement for invasive, needle-based, perishable vaccines in developing countries. After his dry-inhaled powder technology successfully completed Phase I Clinical Trials for delivery of a stable measles vaccine by demonstrating zero toxicity-related adverse events, Dr. Sievers focused his patented superior drug delivery methods on other active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). This formed the basis of the founding of Kel-Sie Biotech by Dr. Sievers’ collaborators.

Dr. Sievers’ team invented and developed a proprietary form of gentle spray drying, Carbon Dioxide Assisted Nebulization with a Bubble Dryer (CAN-BD), that produces aerosol microparticles small enough (1-5 microns aerodynamic diameter) to be distributed throughout the moist respiratory tracts of humans and test animals. The active ingredient, embedded in the microparticles, reaches deep in the lungs, where the particles rapidly transport their cargo across the alveoli membranes into the blood stream for systemic delivery where needed for the prevention or alleviation of diseases.

“Our technology creates low-density hollow particles and allows us to tune surface morphology to achieve higher fraction of alveolar deposition, while maximizing surface area for the administration of the API for inhalable drug or vaccine delivery,” explains Lia Rebits PhD, Kelsie’s head of science.

Inhalable dry powder aerosol vaccines and pharmaceuticals require no needle, no liquid solution for reconstitution, and no electricity or batteries for delivery, which makes them especially useful for rapid and safe deployment. In addition to dry powder inhalable technology, Kelsie Biotech also produces sublingual tablets targeting industries such as Pharma and nutraceuticals.

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