Jean Danhond Chen Featured in Two Exclusive Interviews

Jean Danhong Chen was recently featured by Thrive Global and Ideamensch for her work as an immigration lawyer

SAN JOSE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 23, 2020 / Jean Danhong Chen is proud to have been featured by two interview publications. Jean was recently featured by Thrive Global and Ideamensch for her reputation as a successful immigration lawyer.

Jean Danhong Chen, started the The Law Office of Jean D. Chen in 2003 where she works as an immigration lawyer and has been practicing immigration law since 1998. Jean works closely with her clients to ensure they know their legal rights and complete the steps required to obtain visas or US citizenship.

Thrive Global is a media company that prides itself on “leading the global conversation about well-being and performance”. Jean Danhong Chen spoke about why she loves being an immigration lawyer.

When asked what the favorite part about her chosen profession is, Jean responds that she has “a couple of favorite things about my profession. More specifically, I enjoy being able to help the client in achieving their goal in immigration, assisting the clients in family reunion, assisting outstanding professionals in getting their work permits and permanent residency, and assisting the business clients in their American dreams.”

“A more macro-focused idea about what I enjoy about my profession is the client interaction and satisfaction I get from doing a good job. I like to see the client being successful in their cases, which is rewarding not only for them but for myself too.”

Ideamensch is more about entrepreneurship. The interviewees are asked to speak to their experiences as leaders.

“I strive to make each day productive by setting tasks that I then work to complete each day. I usually aim high on the amount I can complete but that means that if I work hard then I will feel successful, my days are very full. I am always driven to ensure my clients’ success, and that helps to ensure that I remain productive.”

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