Michael Eckerman Creating High-End Vacation Rentals in Southern California and the Carolinas

Michael Eckerman is CEO of PC Enterprises in Phoenix, Arizona. A seasoned entrepreneur and real estate investor, Michael has been in real estate and business financing for over thirty years. He specializes in high end luxury homes with a focus on vacation rentals. His goal is to provide clients with an unforgettable luxury vacation experience

PHOENIX, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / August 6, 2019 /Michael Eckerman, CEO of PC Enterprises, is announcing the launch of PC Enterprises high-end vacation rentals in Southern California and the Carolinas. Dedicated to offering clients a true ‘bucket list’ vacation experience, Michael Eckerman provides clients with a vacation option which allows them to stay in multi-million-dollar high-end homes for a price they can afford.

Mike Eckerman is in the process of expanding in luxury vacation rental space in Southern California and the Carolinas – areas which are popular among vacationers. This expansion will enable PC Enterprises to offer travelers world class accommodation for a great price. Eckerman’s high-end vacation rentals are available to clients at many different income levels, and luxury experiences are made even more affordable for larger groups. Michael Eckerman wants to see clients enjoying experiences they may not have access to in their normal, day-to-day lives by offering these one-of-a-kind vacation rentals.

High-end vacation rentals in locations in Southern California and the Carolinas will also allow travelers to visit the world-class beaches these areas offer, which is perfect for the busy traveler seeking a relaxing vacation in a high-end vacation rental in these areas.

Travelers are known to visit Southern California and the Carolinas to enjoy swimming, sun-bathing and other water-based recreation, according to Mike Eckerman. Eckerman’s vacation rentals are truly the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the beauty that Southern California and the Carolinas have to offer.

Mike Eckerman is excited to offer luxurious vacation rentals in Southern California and throughout the Carolinas which are perfect for large families and groups looking for a unique, outside-the-box place to call their (temporary) home. These luxurious vacation rentals come complete with a variety of amenities, including pools, hot tubs, panoramic views, outdoor dining facilities, and more.

Michael Eckerman is a real estate expert, running his own real estate company. He is also a humanitarian focusing on children’s and women’s charities.

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