Kazzam.com Calls Bounce House Rental a Favorite of Party-Planning Parents

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 1, 2019 / Inflatables used for amusement purposes have gained massive popularity in recent years, and there is hardly a birthday party lacking one, the most in-demand category being bounce houses. The idea for these party favorites emerged in 1959, when mechanical engineer John Scurlock of Louisiana noticed how much fun several of his employees were having while testing one of his latest designs – inflatable tennis court covers. The product that went on to add a whole new dimension to entertainment and spawn a thriving industry was originally just an inflatable mattress, but the design quickly evolved to become the familiar structures of today. Even though there is an incredible variety of artifacts that can liven up a party and make it memorable, the party planning experts at Kazzam have established that bounce house
are the biggest hit with parents organizing a celebration for their children.

Kids do not need much to have fun, but events such as birthdays admittedly require a special touch, and inflatables have become the ultimate solution due to their high entertainment value. Moreover, large structures such as bounce houses and water slides can now be procured at attractive prices thanks to rental services. A report from research company Technavio points out that affordability is one of the top drivers of growth for the inflatable toys market, whose value is projected to rise from $4.33 billion in 2017 to $5.72 billion in 2021. While parents planning a special celebration tend to regard the cost as a secondary consideration, the convenience and budget-friendliness of bounce house
have decidedly helped make these party fixtures a favorite.

Kazzam, a party planning service under the umbrella of Party City, offers a one-stop shop for organizing celebrations, with a portfolio that covers activities, food, and entertainers. In addition to its variety of options for staging memorable events, the company also ensures proper vetting and handles all the details, including billing and coordination. Its parent organization is North America’s leading party goods retailer by revenue, operating more than 900 proprietary and franchise stores across the region.

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Bounce House – Kazzam by Party City: https://www.kazzam.com/catalog/bounce-house-8604



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