Authpaper Minimizes Small Studio Cost on Video Watermarking and Copyright Protection and Piracy Tracing

HONG KONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / May 28, 2019 / Authpaper Delivery is a digital data courier platform which uses blockchain, BT, cryptography and other current technologies to deliver data with high speed, privacy and unforgeable delivery record.

A good application of this platform is keeping videos with hidden watermarking for small studio so that they can enjoy the benefit of copyright protection and piracy tracing from watermarking without paying the high cost of online storage and bandwidth.

Video watermarking is a popular and powerful technology to embed information and message inside a video. This technology is widely used in copyright protection, piracy tracing, content authentication, error resilience, and so forth.

For example, the audio of movies is watermarked in theaters and on Blu-Ray discs. If the video player software detects a watermark while playing a video, it knows the content is a pirated copy and it stops the playback.

Movie in theaters are also watermarked. The embedded messages are the date of the projection and the ID of the beamer. If someone capture movie from theater and broadcast it on the Internet, it can be traced when and where the movie is stolen.

This technology is also used by big video studios when distributing large video files to different clients. If a client steals the video without authorizations, the hidden watermark can prove the ownership of the video and the studio can perform follow-up actions with proper evidence.

To do this, different hidden watermarking is needed whenever a video is sent out. Hence the studio needs to keep multiple copies on the same video in their system. The studio also needs to provide a bandwidth large enough for video streaming from the server to the client. The cost for keeping multiple video copies online and maintaining a large bandwidth is still high even the cloud storage becomes more and more popular.

“Hidden watermarking may be too costly for the small studios” – Solon Li, CEO of the Authpaper Limited

With Authpaper Delivery platform, studios do not need to keep all copies of the video. Studios create videos with different watermarking and send it to the platform with a long expire date. After that, they only need to keep the original video and the torrent file for each watermarked copy, which is much smaller than the video. When sending the video is necessary, studios only send out the torrent file and the recipient gets the video from our platform. After delivery, that watermarked video copy will be deleted, only the delivery record is kept.

When there is a video leak, studio can simply compare the hash of the leaked video with the hashes of the videos from the delivery records. Hence the studio can easily trace the source of the leakage.

“The delivery record on blockchain also proves that the copyright video is sent to a certain client” – Solon Li, CEO of Authpaper Limited

As the videos are distributed by the platform, studios also do not need to keep a large bandwidth for clients to download video. Authpaper Delivery platform greatly reduces the cost for smaller studios to make use of the watermarking technology to protect their videos.

This platform does not only benefit the video studios. Besides game distribution platform like STEAM, many game companies still distribute their game software via DVD or their own servers. They also face a problem on copyright protection and privacy tracking. Hence, they will also find hidden watermarking and Authpaper Delivery platform beneficial to them.

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